Sunday, March 18, 2007

What would you do if…

So, I was watching some HGTV show in which people buy houses. Yay, so interesting. But the couple on the last episode were looking at this huge manor from the 1600's. It was for sale for 450,000 British Pounds. They decided against buying it, I disagreed with their decision.

I was then thinking, what would I do if I managed to win (tax free) 300 million dollars? I think the first thing would be to dance around and laugh that I was finally the sibling with more money. Then what? buy a (or two or ten) new house(s). Help out friends and family. Make education funds for the children in my life. Help a charity or two. Then find a passion, and do that for a while. Finding new friends would difficult. Dating? Impossible. I have done this exercise before, but never with sums this large. It is mind blowing what you could do with all that money. Even if you kept all the money in a bank account (one of those 4% ones), you would be making 12 million dollars a year, one million dollars a month in income from interest alone. Granted, half of the interest would have to go to taxes, but conservatively, you could bring in $400,000 a month on interest, with that sum growing every month as one can not spend it all every month.

Sigh, if only it could happen.

Anyways, I should start that homework that I've been avoiding all day.

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