Friday, July 13, 2007


I've never been so scared in my life. My family was visiting some friends, these friends have three dogs, one of the dogs is very territorial. These friends didn't mention the territorial bit, they probably didn't think that we were going to bring Merly with us. So, we get there, and my dog, Merly, is sniffing around, and their dog comes running up to Merly. Merly is the most friendly dog I've ever known, he trusts everyone and everything. So, this dog comes running and Merly expects to play, except this dog grabs him by his neck and starts shaking. There's four people in my family and nothing we can do. The owner of the other dog finally manages to get his dog off. It seemed like an eternity before this happened, was probably closer to 20-30 seconds.

I've never heard a noise like the one that was coming out of my puppy. I can't even describe it. Nothing I ever want to hear again.

We finally make it to the ER Vet (after 6 on a Friday night, not much is open) and they take a look. It's just his back skin that was ripped open, so hopefully no major damage.

I can't get the image of my poor little puppy being shaken out of my head. He's only 9lbs, and this was a big Border Collie cross, she was probably 50-60lbs.

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