Thursday, August 9, 2007

This is why

The other option I have been looking into (and I know you don't understand why I want this at all) is small town Saskatchewan. The fact that I can buy a pretty nice house for $60k or one that needs work for $30k (or one built in 1992 with over 2100 sq feet for $245k) is a really interesting prospect. Because I work with the RCMP, I can request a transfer to one of the detachments in the area and have a job almost right away. The fact that I would not have a mortgage means that I could waitress and still put money away into savings. It would be a total change in lifestyle. But, whenever I would go out and visit my friend who lived outside the city, within an hour my shoulder muscles were totally relaxed. That never happens even when relaxing at home now. It's a different atmosphere which I really enjoy. There are three towns that have about 75,000 people in them, and many smaller towns around those bigger ones. Realistically the only thing keeping me in Edmonton right now is my school, my house and my job. School is almost over, house can be sold, and job can be transferred/a new one found. This is probably the only time in my life where I will have the freedom to just pick up and move. In a few years I will have the startings of a family, and starting that somewhere else is an option. Yes, this did start because my friend moved out there, but it's the starting reason, not the reason I've been looking into it for so long.

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