Thursday, April 10, 2008

April 10

Alright, so it's nice out, the grass is starting to get green even though it was a very dry winter. Then this morning my car is covered with an inch and a half of snow. Ok, fine. It keeps snowing. I went out for lunch and had to push a good 10 inches of wet snow off my car. Around noon it stopped snowing. YAY. Temperature goes above 0. Ok, so it was 1 above, but hey, melting can start. 4pm, it starts snowing again. There's huge wet snowflakes falling, the trees are covered in snow, and you can't see the top of my car anymore. It has been parked for 20 minutes. It is still supposed to be 20 above on sunday so I will be riding this weekend... but gees. On the good side, we did really need the moisture, there was already a fire ban in place.

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