Thursday, August 21, 2008


I called my bike dealership to get an accessory for my bike... random guy who I'm fairly certain I've never met answered the phone. When he asked my name, and I said Melina, he said "ah", like he had heard of me... like he knew who I was. I mean, yeah, I spent last Friday afternoon there hanging out... and I am going on a road trip with two guys who works there and a guy who is getting a custom bike there... but... seriously? random sales guy has heard of me? It's kind of cool and odd at the same time. I'm a 'regular' there now... apparently.
I mean... yeah, they have awesome customer service like that, whenever I was there any returning customer would be greated as they walked in the door with a yell "Hi Mr Smith, how are you today?" from the sales guys... but with bike number (each Ducati is a different size... not like some styles that have three versions of the 600, Ducati has a 620, 695 and 696) and name, he knew who I was.

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