Sunday, December 28, 2008

Vote Distribution

One of the websites that I'm on has picture voting. I submitted one of my pictures for voting, and only recently found that I can see the vote breakdown by age.
Now, I know a lot of guys over 20 on here have complained about 14 yr old girls viewing their profiles a lot. I seem to have the other problem, the older the guy the higher the average vote was. Not only did the older (41+) group have the most votes, but they voted a full point higher, on average, than the next highest range (33-40).
I guess I could freak out and be all ewwww, but maybe there's more to learn here. I realize the tiny sample size makes this anything but scientific, but hear me out.
With the media (yeah, I know, me, blaming the media) showing 'perfect' girls, maybe the younger guys have higher, unattainable standards (well, ok, we all knew that already) that they apparently actually bring into the semi-real world. Those 41 and over singlehandedly raised my average to 0.2 points above what the 33-40's had voted me. With only 23 votes in the 41+ range, and a total of 68 votes, that's quite a feat. But, enough about that... It's late, I have to sleep... if I can...

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