Saturday, November 3, 2012

Customer Service

We ordered dinner from Boston Pizza today, delivery. The whole order arrived relatively quickly, but no one checked to make sure that what we received is what we ordered. By the time I finally got to my meal (feeding baby comes first), I realize that they have brought me the wrong sandwich. I also can't eat what they brought me because it is too spicy for my limited diet. We eventually call and complain and the manager says that he was waiting for our call. Now, it has been a year since I've worked in customer service, but isn't the first rule of making a mistake fixing it as soon as you realize that it has been made? The manager noticed that he had given us the wrong meal, but he did nothing to fix it until we complained. Clearly he had access to our address, so why not send a second delivery guy right away? Why wait for us to complain? Once we called, he offered to send out the sandwich, but that was an hour later. I had no desire to eat that late, the family meal was long over. Instead, he will mail us a gift card that is $2 more than the price of the meal we didn't receive. Right, so now we have to give them more business? I would rather not.

When did customer service become something you do after a complaint is made? Proactively fixing our (small) issue would have made a world of difference. Due to circumstances, if they had sent my food as soon as they noticed their error, the replacement food probably would have arrived before I had even sat down to eat. This would have given me an awesome story to tell. Instead, I got to eat a $13 side salad, the ingredients of which I already have in my fridge. Thank you Boston Pizza for making an already difficult day more difficult. Obviously they can't have known this, nor was this done on purpose, but not proactively fixing the problem was on purpose and therefore, I will do my best to not go to the restaurant chain again.

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