Monday, January 8, 2007

Future Plans

We got a new person transfer into our department this morning. She seems ok, a little older than the rest of the group, but so far so good. She came from the HR deparment of the gov't. So, we chatted, and she mentioned that she'd put in a good word for me, but she also mentioned that to move above a Human Resources Assistant (making no more than about $23/hr) you need a degree. So, here I am, surfing the MacEwan website wondering which degree I should take. I'm about halfway done an Anthopology/Ancient and Medieval History Degree, so, it would make sense to finish that, or, go to the U of A and finish a business degre with a major in HR and a minor in some random other business field (or Anthro, it's really intersting). One of the biggest issues is that I don't really want to stop working full time hours, so what ever I take would have to be long distance or night classes. I don't have an issue with night classes at all, they are what is letting me live the life I am currently living, and I love it.
The University of Lethbridge's long distance course is also an option, but I've heard that last years graduates of my course are not too impressed with it.

I don't know. This really is a wait and see kind of situation.

But, the good news is that I havne't been written off for the two RCMP positions that I applied for way back when.

Anyway, back to applying for that HR Assistant position with the gov't.

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