Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Had my CR-04 test yesterday. There were about 200 people in the test, and only 50 people will be contacted. I'm pretty sure I did ok, but I won't know for a long time. Stupid government takes forever to find and hire its staff. It's no wonder that they can't find young people who want to join, young people don't have the patience to wait around for up to a year for a job. We like to get a new job now, and work from there. One of the guys that I work with, who is full time permanent with the government, recently got a call asking if he wanted to take a term (6 months then done) CR-02 (two levels lower than we are now) position. He applied for it two years ago. Seriously? Do you think many people who work at that level (30k/yr), who are motivated would be in the position of wanting that job two years later? Really? If I ever get into goverment HR, my goal is going to be to reduce hire time. I'd just need a Degree in something semi-relevant before they'll even listen to me. Private sector is much better at accepting equivalencies than the public sector.

Later, when I told my boss that the first new girl is a pain in the ass, she told me that her boss was impressed with my work, and they wished that they could keep me on. I would just need to be in the gov't first. Too bad that it will take forever, and I don't want to be an admin assistant forever.

I have a test for a Finance Manager on Saturday... I'll let you know how it goes.

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