Tuesday, February 6, 2007


Before the holidays I was doing 12 hrs of overtime per two week period, in January I was too busy to do it. But in the past two weeks I have done about 20 hrs which will be really nice to pay for the holiday shopping bill that just came in. Since I have been starting earlier in the day it's a lot easier to put in a couple hours each day, as long as I don't have to go to school early for group meetings.

Hopefully the two new girls will be able to show up on Saturday, it will be my responsibility to get them up to speed in the next three days so they are valuable enough to actually be allowed to get paid OT.

School... yes, I'm in class right now. Don't worry, it's the break. Luckily my project got pushed back a week, so I have two weeks before I have to hand in a 10 page paper on Nexopia. Then, when that one's done, I have to do another two projects, also on Nexopia. This close connection to a company makes it so that I always have to be the company contact. I didn't even want to do the group projects on Nexus, but no one else had any good companies that we could study.

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