Monday, June 2, 2008


I've posted things and said they were catalytic before, and one of my friends disagreed with me on the definition of a catalyst. Therefore, in this post, a catalyst is an event that triggers other events.
Today's catalyst is being removed, by accident, as a pic mod. I have been doing less and less with the site for a year and a half, since I stopped being employed by the site. Every so often I would moderate some pictures and participate in a discussion. If I'm going to cut more ties, it might as well be now that something happened. I have asked to keep forum rank, because they're fun and I do most of them anyway.
Things change for a reason, whether it be moving out, moving away or finding a new hobby. These three things have impacted me greatly in the past little while, and so far the changes have been good. Hopefully the good changes will continue. If I don't get the job I interviewed for today, more, bigger changes are in store for me. I'll let you know.

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