Monday, June 16, 2008

Chivalry is dead?

On my way in and out of the building today I had to travel through a total of eight doors. I managed to open less than half of them, one of them I caught and just held open. Into the building (2), into secure area, out of secure area, into stairs, out of stairs and out of the building (2). On the way in, I was walking with two male officers, so, the first door was opened for me. The second door I had to literally fight with the guy to let me hold it open for him. Security door was all mine. Leaving this afternoon an Inspector was coming the other way. Now, Inspectors are very important people, i don't remember the exact statistics, but I'm pretty sure there aren't more than 200 of them in Canada. This guy, who I had heard rumour that he was smart and nice, opened the door, saw me, stepped back and waited for me to come the three meters to the door. As I was walking towards him he commented on how nice of a day it was outside, that the work day was gratefully almost over and wished me a good evening. I, of course, thanked him for the door and also wished him a good evening. Into the stairs was mine, but as I was about a quarter way down the first flight (two flights per floor) of stairs, I heard the second level door open (I'm on the third) and close. This is normally a large enough distance for the person ahead to quickly leave, assuming they are traveling at an equal or faster rate than the person behind them. I knew this guy, and I was traveling a little faster than him, but he was still a good flight ahead of me when he reached the main level door. This one was opened for me, as was the first one out of the building. the second one out of the building I held open for him, as is my custom. I commented on the door openings of the day and he responded with a quip that gentlemen still exist. We then continued with small talk based on the gorgeous weather (Oh Sun, how I have missed thee), wished each other good evenings and went on our merry ways.

However, his comment about there still being gentlemen got me thinking.
How often do guys hold open doors? It depends on the relationship, obviously, but even then. If he's trying to impress you, of course. Just going back, I think most guys who were nice to me in general have opened the door for me. They have also fought with me when I tried to hold open the second door for them.
How many girls expect their man, or any man to hold open the door, let them into and out of the elevator first? In my building, it happens all the time, I can't remember when a guy has stepped out before me, but, is this necessary? Sure, it's sometimes nice to be treated like a princess, but weren't we fighting for equality? Burning of the bra's and all that?

I guess it comes down to context and relationship, but guys, really. If I hold open a door for you, just say thanks and walk through. Don't fight it. I won't give in.

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