Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Chatting online

So, I'm on this website and this guy sends me a message. He's in the target age range, so I respond. His second message consists of inviting me to talk to him on another website. Excuse me? You found me here, what's wrong with talking here? What is with this desire to switch mediums? Changing from a page load site (Nexopia, Facebook etc.) to a live chat (MSN, Yahoo) makes sense if you actually have something to say. But, when your second or third message is "Do you use MSN?" and you really don't know the person, and have nothing in common, whats the point? I'm going to add you, we'll talk for 20 minutes, and then I'll probably get distracted, conversation with falter, and I'll never talk to you again. Then I have this huge folder called Boys full people people who I have talked to once, and can not remember who they are, where I met them, or why I should care.

I had this issue twice tonight, neither conversation lasted more than 20 messages total. So, why should I add him to msn if he can't keep me entertained/be entertained by me for more than  a couple minutes?

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