Saturday, November 17, 2007


Alright, I got all the interesting stuff out of the way, now for the boring life plan stuff.

I move to Calgary as soon as possible. I'm going to try and move over the new year, but there are too many variables right now. I have a job there, Office Manager for the Calgary branch of my current department. I will be assisting two guys with paper work, and one of them is retiring soon. I will have to brainwash myself into liking it.

The well thought out Saskatchewan plans fell through for a couple reasons. First, I did not get the land that I wanted. Someone apparently outbid me, and that was that. Also, I visited my family in Calgary and realized that I wanted to be closer to them instead. So, to Calgary I go.

I'm selling my previously discussed motorbikes. They are currently in my parents basement, but in the spring, I will hopefully have people happy to haul them away for me. I am, of course, replacing the bikes with a better one. It's going to be custom painted for me, and should be nice and fast.

While school is almost done, there is a lot that I still have to do before I can graduate. Most of this is being pushed back, as per usual. This time, instead of cleaning my house (that's being procrastinated on too), I'm reading a blog. It's highly entertaining. Some of the writings come across as being fact, but it is all her rantings and ravings. After surfing randomly for a while, I decided to start at the beginning and read her life story. I am currently just starting February 2007.

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