Saturday, November 17, 2007


18 months ago a mom, dad and younger brother were killed. The sister and her boyfriend were arrested for their murders the next day. She was 12, he was 23. I provided evidence in the case, so I went and testified at her trial. She was 14 by the time she was tried for the murders. She looked closer to 17. She just sat there, looking disinterested. By the time I testified, the trial had been going on for three weeks already. She probably knew that she would be found guilty, and was bored of sitting in the prisoners box all day, five days a week. Nov 9 she was sentenced to four and a half years in the mental institute in Edmonton, and then another four years in a halfway house. She will be my age before she is released back into the world. She is going to have a very hard life. If she had done this when she was still 11, they could not have touched her. Her boyfriend will probably get three life sentences for the three lives he ended. Really, five lives were lost that fateful day in May 2006.

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