Monday, November 26, 2007


So, there you are, standing at the front of the class. Your throat hurts because you've had a cold for the past week. You don't trust one of your group members to talk slowly enough for your presentation to hit the minimum 20 mins. Luckily you trust your technical abilities for the video to work properly. You introduce your group, and hand the speaking off to the first person and hope for the best. Neither of your group members prepared very well, and this is worth 25% of your mark. You are so screwed.

Alright, so the presentation worked out. Next is the paper for that class. And the mini assignments, and the final exam, and the presentation for the other class, and the final, and the paper for that other class. Then it's over. Forever. And concentration can shift. From the present, to the future. To the move, and the new life.

Ah, the move. Can't wait. Change. A new start. Now I just need a place to live and a car. Then I'll be set. Move date is mid-January. Moving out of my place as soon as it sells or rents.

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